A Perspective on Human Right Violation: Action in Defense of the Baha’is in Iran

Chilliwack BC - May 14th and May 22nd mark the anniversaries of the arrests in 2008 of leaders of Iran’s Baha’i community, and the coordinated raids on 39 homes throughout Iran, along with the arrests in that country of a number of Baha’i educators delivering university level education.

To defend the persecuted and keep this injustice alive in the public consciousness, Baha’i communities across Canada are holding public events.  In Chilliwack, the Baha’i community has invited Dr. Roshan Danesh to present A Perspective on Human Rights Violation: Action in Defense of the Baha’is of Iran at 7:30 p.m. Thursday May 24, 2012 at the Coast Hotel in Chilliwack.

Dr. Danesh has considerable legal experience working with aboriginal governments and has been active in inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue and peace building at many levels.  He completed his doctoral studies at Harvard in 2003 and teaches law and conflict resolution in Canada and internationally.  In his presentation, Dr. Danesh will look at current struggles for human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, with a case study of the denial of basic rights to Iran's largest religious minority, the Baha’i community. 

For more details please visit The Baha'i World News Service at:  http://news.bahai.org/



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Chilliwack Baha'is Reflect on the Sacred Nature of Baha'i Elections

19 Day Feast Held

What's a Baha'i? * 19 Day Feast  * Bahai Calendar

Baha'is in Chilliwack gathered together on Tuesday, November 22 to hold their 19 Day Feast. The 19 Day Feast consists of a Devotional, Administrative, and Social part. During the Administrative portion, the community consulted on the sacred nature of Baha'i Elections.



Bahá'í elections do not include any sort of constituency for members - all members are considered to be at-large. Members are chosen by the electorate consisting of five qualities:

"Let us recall His explicit and often-repeated assurance that every Assembly elected in that rarefied atmosphere of selflessness and detachment is in truth, appointed of God, that its verdict is truly inspired, that one and all should submit to its decision unreservedly and with cheerfulness ... the elector ... is called upon to vote for none but those whom prayer and reflection have inspired him to uphold... Hence it is incumbent upon the chosen delegates to consider without the least trace of passion and prejudice, and irrespective of any material consideration, the names of only those who can best combine the necessary qualities of unquestioned loyalty, of selfless devotion, of a well-trained mind, of recognized ability and mature experience... Nothing short of the all-encompassing, all-pervading power of His Guidance and Love can enable this newly enfolded order to gather strength and flourish amid the storm and stress of a turbulent age, and in the fullness of time vindicate its high claim to be universally recognized as the one Haven of abiding felicity and peace."[3]

Shoghi Effendi


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